When Thad & Jess Kittrell opened the very first 101 Beer Kitchen in Dublin, Ohio in 2012, it was a true community-minded endeavor and a reflection of the way they lived their life.


Their customers were their friends and neighbors, and the Kittrells were eager to make them feel as welcome and relaxed as they would be hanging out at the couple's own laidback, family-friendly home. Thad, a New England Culinary Institute-trained chef created a menu designed to take comfort food to the next level without any pretense, while Jess, a finance professional and creative spirit, focused on growing the enterprise while maintaining the space's charming and easygoing style.

As one restaurant grew to several, the Kittrells made sure each and every location felt as if it were the only one—a reflection of its community and a neighborhood gathering place where the food is seasonal and exceptional, the beer is thoughtfully curated, and learning about how to pair the two is so enjoyable it's easy to forget it's also educational.

Community remains at the center of everything the couple do, including their charitable giving. They love to support local endeavors in the neighborhoods in which their restaurants are located.

You can learn more about their local giving efforts, here.